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2011 Player Profiles

Name:Vincent Manning
Nicknames:The Grinch, Vman, Fionn
Joined Lions:2008
Favourite Position:Forwards
Aussie Rules Achievements:Winning the European Championships with Ireland, Representing Japan in the B.C. Cup in Vancouver
Other Sporting Achievements:Coached C.I.T. to 2 consecutive All -Ireland's, winner of the K.R.A.C. Mens Open 2005
Other Hobbies:Photography, Martial Arts, Flower arranging
Favourite AFL Player:Buddy Franklin
Something people don't know about me:I have an award named after me!!
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:ambaiste!
Name:Ian O'Sullivan
Born:Cork City
Nicknames:Sully, Serg
Occupation:Web Developer
Joined Lions:2002
Favourite Position:Rover
Aussie Rules Achievements:World Cups; 2005 & 2008. MVP for Ireland in 2008. Team of the tournament selection in 2008. ARFLI team of the decade.
Other Sporting Achievements:Muskerry RFC promotion in first year. Munster rugby Junior trials.
AFL Club Allegiance:Swans
Other Hobbies:Rugby, Soccer, Biking, anything really
Favourite AFL Player:Jimmy Stynes
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Liam O'Connor
I'm told I look like:Shane Filan from Westlife
Something people don't know about me:Only Irish player to play every minute of 2008 WC.
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:My wife: "Siamese twins must be very close"
The Lion LEAST likely too...:turn up to training is Rob Armstrong
Name:Cian Quigley
Nicknames:Quiggs, The Monk
Joined Lions:2006
Favourite Position:Centre Back
Aussie Rules Achievements:IC '05, '08, '11. European Championships '10. ARFLI Premiership '07. World Team (interchange) '08, European Team ''10, B.O.G. European Final. ARFLI Team of the Decade
Other Sporting Achievements:Corn Ui Mhuiri with Chriost Ri, Few Divisonal Titles with Kinsale in hurling and football
AFL Club Allegiance:St Kilda
Other Hobbies:Usual stuff, hill walking, cartography, cooking, reading, music
Favourite AFL Player:Brendan Goddard
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Alan Coomey (for winding up every single player on the opposition team) Eoin Sull (my favourite norrie)
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:I know Rob Armstrong
I'm told I look like:Kevin Dundon. The sports reader on RTE
Something people don't know about me:I'm a very good cook. I have a fear of flying.
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:It is not those who can inflict the most, but those that can suffer the most who will prevail.
The Lion LEAST likely too...:take a vow of silence is Eoin Sull, the vuvusula
The Lion MOST likely too...:give out to everyone about something is The Grinch
Name:Eoin O Súilleabháin
Born:Cork City
Nicknames:Aussie, Vu-Vu Sulla, The Swan
Occupation:Primary School Teacher
Joined Lions:2009 (Amid scenes of utter joy and excitement)
Favourite Position:Half-Back flank
Aussie Rules Achievements:European Championship 2010 Winner, Euro Cup 2010 International Captain, Leeside Lions Captain 2010
Other Sporting Achievements:Cork County Hurling & Football Champion, Provincial Colleges Hurling Champion, All-Ireland Colleges Football Champion
AFL Club Allegiance:Hawthorn
Other Hobbies:GAA
Favourite AFL Player:Buddy Franklin
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Paul 'Junior' Ryan (taught me how to kick a footy), and Cian Quigley (for obvious reasons!)
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:So, am I in, yeah?
I'm told I look like:Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill)
Something people don't know about me:I've represented my country at BeerPong
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Is fearr Gaeilge briste ná Béarla cliste!
The Lion LEAST likely too...:score is Cian Quigley, both on and off the pitch!
The Lion MOST likely too...:score is Rob Armstrong, both on and off the pitch!
Name:Christian O Brien
Height:5ft 11in
Joined Lions:2010
Favourite Position:forward line
Other Sporting Achievements:coached Rockmount underage team to league success and quarter final of National League cup
AFL Club Allegiance:Hawthorn
Other Hobbies:reading and soccer
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:none never needed one
Something people don't know about me:Im very good in the kitchen
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:OUCH
The Lion LEAST likely too...:come to training is Rob
The Lion MOST likely too...:complain is Colin
Name:Michael Scanlon
Nicknames:Gonzo, Max
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Wingman
Aussie Rules Achievements:Brownlow Medalist 2007 Coleman Medalist 2008 AFL Premiership 2008
Other Sporting Achievements:Kabbadi Silver Medalist 2006 Glima light weight Champion 2009 Pentanaque runner up 2010 (Paris Municipal Championsip)
AFL Club Allegiance:Hawthorn
Other Hobbies:Doing Nothing Walking Running Cycling Football Reading Organising
Favourite AFL Player:Lance Franklin
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Vincent Manning
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Hi..how are you..??
I'm told I look like:Christina Aguilera
Something people don't know about me:I am the Irish Fierljeppen champion and record holder and have competed in the world championships. See me in action here
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Where There’s Muck There’s Brass.
Name:Muiris Bartley
Height:6ft 2.5in
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Center Forward / Ruckman
Aussie Rules Achievements:Selected for the world XVIII
Other Sporting Achievements:Cork U15 football team , Cork U16 football team , Munster U19 rugby team
AFL Club Allegiance:West Cost Eagles
Other Hobbies:Rugby, Football, Golf, Swimming, Frequenting, Speaking Irish,
Favourite AFL Player:Nic Naitanui
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Must say Quiggs because then ill get an easy time in school
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:My friends over there said I wouldnt be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in tne club wanna buy sum drinks with their money ??
I'm told I look like:Somebody from Home & Away. A Yound Rod Stewart!!
Something people don't know about me:I spend about 30-45 mins on my hair a day
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Failure is the first step to success.
Name:Kevin Galvin
Nicknames:Gally, Cricket, Bambi
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Missionary
Aussie Rules Achievements:ARFLI Schools Cup Winners 2011
Other Sporting Achievements:A few football medals and GAH
AFL Club Allegiance:Carlton
Other Hobbies:Cork City FC
Favourite AFL Player:Corey McKernan, Barry Hall
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Want a birthday present?
I'm told I look like:Derek from Crystal Shwing
Something people don't know about me:I play cricket
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:For the lads
Name:Brian Roche
Nicknames:Rushy, Rochey
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Wing forward
Other Sporting Achievements:Munster and All Ireland Intermediate football champions(cit)
AFL Club Allegiance:Lions
Other Hobbies:Drinking
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Don't use them
I'm told I look like:My dad
Something people don't know about me:I lived in africa for 5 years
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:"whats the craic"
Name:P.J. O'Brien
Nicknames:Hoff, OB, Jipper
Joined Lions:2011
Other Sporting Achievements:Irish Colleges Team member for Handball College World Championships 2011
AFL Club Allegiance:Geelong Cats
Other Hobbies:Handball, Swimming, Mountain biking, Shooting, Moto X
Favourite AFL Player:Gary Ablett Jnr.
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Fuck me if I'm wrong but haven't we met before?
I'm told I look like:a right old creep!
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Go Big or Go Home!
Name:Conor O Halloran
Born:Mc. Donald’s, Winthrop Street (fact)
Nicknames:Hally, Horn-Bag
Occupation:Full-time Model
Joined Lions:2010
Favourite Position:Bent Over
Aussie Rules Achievements:Togging out with Vince (dream come true)
Other Sporting Achievements:All-Ireland Babminton Championn 2009, Street Leagues Hurling 'B' Runner-Up 2002, Once capped for Pres Senior Cup Rugby Team
AFL Club Allegiance:Setanta’s Carlton because he’s gorgeous
Other Hobbies:Baking, Trainspotting, Body Painting
Favourite AFL Player:Setanta O h-Ailpin
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Vincent Manning – for his lovely soft beard
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:I haven’t got a belly button, can I rub (rob) yours?
George Clooney & Brad Pitt, at the same time. I AM THE DREAM!
Something people don't know about me:I was born without a belly button.
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:You never know how good you are, until you meet me
The Lion LEAST likely too...:be like me is Brian O Suilleabhain
The Lion MOST likely too...:be like me is Vince, serious potential
Name:Jason Hingston
Born:Eyre’s Rock – The Uluru)
Nicknames:Hingo, Sex Bomb
Occupation:Part-time Swimwear Model Part-time Stunt double for Denzel Washington
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Slightly left of centre, legs askew, with my pelvic bone thrusting backward to gain maximum penetration
Aussie Rules Achievements:4 AFL Starts for Hawthorn, 3 Brownlow votes 1983, NAB Rising Star nominee 1981, AFL Grand Final Best on Ground 1985
Other Sporting Achievements:Represented New Zealand in Rugby Union and League
AFL Club Allegiance:My beloved Essendon
Other Hobbies:Gardening, Pottery, Flower Arrangement
Favourite AFL Player:Nick Reiwoldt
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Brian 'Stretch' O Connell, he's everything i've ever wanted to be
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:G'day, wanna root?
Jack Black
Something people don't know about me:I had an underwater birth in the bath-tub at home
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Essendon! Essendon!
The Lion LEAST likely too...:play well is Ian Sull
The Lion MOST likely too...:play well is Eoin Sull
Name:John Kearney
DOB:16/08/1984 (Leo... Grrr!)
Nicknames:The Roaring Lion (Pillow talk from Danny)
Occupation:Product tester for Lynx and Lancome
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Anywhere near Danny
Aussie Rules Achievements:Never played before, just love the sleeveless tops and tight shorts. Yum!
Other Sporting Achievements:Synchronised Swimming 3rd place, All-Ireland Championships 2007
AFL Club Allegiance:Colling-WOOD!
Other Hobbies:Arts & Crafts, Knitting
Favourite AFL Player:Hayden Ballentine - Freemantle (He's the image of Danny)
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Danny O Brien!
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Close your eyes, make a wish... (then kiss him passionately)
Roy Cropper
Something people don't know about me:I can play the trumpet
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:’Oh, well i’ve never done THAT before!’ (Yeah right!)
The Lion LEAST likely too...:Follow me to the toilet is Muiris, feck sake!
The Lion MOST likely too...:Follow me to the toilet is Mike Scanlan, dirty fecker!
Name:Danny O Brien
Nicknames:"Skiv" christened by the Aussie's
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Half forward
Aussie Rules Achievements:ahhh hmmm, kicked "99" in a single AFL season...!!!??
AFL Club Allegiance:Tracy Village "Razorbacks",Carlton Fc
Other Hobbies:Gaa,soccer,swimming,reading,chillin with mates
Favourite AFL Player:Chris Judd
Favourite Lions Player (ever):John O'Keeffe
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:"Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?" works everytime!!!
Something people don't know about me:was in Australia for 3years and played a season in the TEAFA comp in Darwin.
The Lion MOST likely too...:bring you to a gay bar on a night out- Chris (Inky)!!!
Name:Brian O'Connell
Joined Lions:2001
Favourite Position:Ruck
Aussie Rules Achievements:Being part of very successful Leeside Lions team that was voted Team of Decade. Captaining Ireland in 2005 International Cup
Other Sporting Achievements:Fuck all
AFL Club Allegiance:Brisbane Lions
Other Hobbies:Gaa
Favourite AFL Player:Luke Darcy
Favourite Lions Player (ever):John "Lock" O'Sullivan
Name:Aiden Bolster
Joined Lions:2011
AFL Club Allegiance:West Coast Eagles
Name:Padraig Hannon
Nicknames:Podge, Yeti
Occupation:Maintenance Technician
Joined Lions:2001
Favourite Position:Back Line
Aussie Rules Achievements:League Medals, Premiership Medals, Played in 1C2008.
Name:Kyle Flavin
Joined Lions:2010
Favourite Position:Forward Pocket
Favourite AFL Player:Tadgh Kennelly
Favourite Lions Player (ever):AAAAAAAAA
I'm told I look like:Some doctor from Home and Away
Name:Rob Armstrong
Height:183 cm
Occupation:Personal Trainer / Student
Joined Lions:2010
Favourite Position:Half-Forward Flank
Aussie Rules Achievements:International Honours with Ireland,Winning the Aussie Rules European Championship 2010, and 3rd in 2010 EuroCup
AFL Club Allegiance:Gold Coast Suns
Other Hobbies:Rugby Union, Rugby League, Surfing
Favourite AFL Player:Gary Ablett
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Eoin Sull
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Don't have any, just show em the GUNS!!!
I'm told I look like:Slyvester Stallone
Something people don't know about me:when i was younger i was in the all ireland choir
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Play Hard or Go Home!
The Lion LEAST likely too...:score a goal is quiggs
The Lion MOST likely too...:jump over newgrange is vince! some leap on the lad!
Name:Michael Currane
Joined Lions:2009
Favourite Position:Full Forward
Aussie Rules Achievements:World Cup 2002, Atlantic Allinace Cup 2001, 2 AFL Challenge Cups, 3 ARFLI Premierships, 3 ARFLI Super 9's, 5 ARFLI Golden Boots, 2 Haggis Cups, 21 International Caps
AFL Club Allegiance:Melbourne Demons
Other Hobbies:Swimming, Cooking
Favourite AFL Player:Tony Lockett
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Brian Currane (Awwww!!!)
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:whats pulling???????
I'm told I look like:I need a holiday!
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Get busy LIVING, or get busy DYING!
Name:Feargal Killoury
DOB:27th June 1977
Occupation:Developments Manager
Joined Lions:2000
Favourite Position:Full Back
Aussie Rules Achievements:World Cup winner 2002. Atlantic Alliance Cup Winner 2001. Represented Ireland in numberous occasions. 4 ARFLI Premierships Winner Medals. 2 or 3 runners up medals. Numerous Arfli Super 9's winners & runners up medals. Captain of the Leeside Lions on 3 Occasions. Coach of the Leeside Lions for 3 years.
Other Sporting Achievements:Represented Clare GAA, Kilmihil GAA. St Flannan's College.
AFL Club Allegiance:Brisbane Lions
Other Hobbies:Reading, Movies, Music, Gym
Name:Paul Ryan
Height:6ft 3"
Occupation:Project Engineer
Joined Lions:2004
Favourite Position:Centre Forward
Aussie Rules Achievements:Multiple Premierships & Preseason Comp victories, Scoring 2 goals for Ireland vs. Denmark in Denmark. Part of Irish Mgt setup at 2010 Euro Cup. Played 2 for Croatia & helped train at 2010 International Cup
Other Sporting Achievements:Played hurling & football with Shanballymore GAA. Part 0f 2010 Hurling Mgt Setup
AFL Club Allegiance:Swans
Other Hobbies:Reading, Current Affairs, Hill Walking
Favourite AFL Player:Nathan Buckley
Favourite Lions Player (ever):John Hayes
I'm told I look like:John Mullane, David Duval
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Don't Sweat the Small Things - Remember there all small things
Name:Briain O Suilleabhain
Occupation:Full time langer
Joined Lions:2010
Favourite Position:Doggy-Style
Aussie Rules Achievements:Grand Final 2004
Other Sporting Achievements:1 county Final under 16
AFL Club Allegiance:Colingwood
Other Hobbies:Singing /Hurling
Favourite AFL Player:Barry hall
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Quiggs
I'm told I look like:John Gardiner
Something people don't know about me:Im Vinces brother
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:My greatest fear is not that we are inadequate but we are powerful beyond belief
Name:Colin Lawless
Joined Lions:2010
Favourite Position:Centre
Aussie Rules Achievements:Most improved played 2010 played in austrailia in waafl for the maddington bulls also played for the Irish team
Other Sporting Achievements:Played for dolphin rfc and rockmount aft
AFL Club Allegiance:Lions
Other Hobbies:Running kayaking and cycling
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Cian Quigley
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:It is what it is
Name:Brian Whelan
Occupation:Graphic Designer
Joined Lions:2008
Favourite Position:Goal Hanger
Aussie Rules Achievements:2008 Season runner up, Most Improved Player 2010
Other Sporting Achievements:1995 Street Leagues Gold Medal
AFL Club Allegiance:Carlton
Favourite AFL Player:Buddy Franklin
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Sterney
I'm told I look like:Morgan Freeman
Something people don't know about me:I enjoy gardening
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:I like oval balls and I cannot lie
Name:Brian Magee
Height:6ft 1
Occupation:System Administrator
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:One when i've the ball
Other Sporting Achievements:Few Gaa Medals
AFL Club Allegiance:Swans
Other Hobbies:Hurling, Kickboxing
Favourite AFL Player:Jason Akermanis
I'm told I look like:Berbatov, Artur Boruc
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:In the word of the Virgin Mary "Come again?"
Name:Ciaran Keegan
Occupation:Software Automation Engineer
Joined Lions:2004
Favourite Position:Wing
Aussie Rules Achievements:2 League titles and 2 super 9's. 3 golden boots. 2 international cups 2005 and 2008
AFL Club Allegiance:Carlton
Other Hobbies:Road running
Favourite AFL Player:Ben Cousins
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Coomey
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Never single with the lions!
I'm told I look like:a grumpy baxtard!
Something people don't know about me:I've got a cub and hopefully he'll play for the lions some day
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Is feidir linn!!!
The Lion LEAST likely too...:The lion least likely to score from 2 yards is Cian Quigley
The Lion MOST likely too...:The lion most likely to drop the ball is Stretch!!
Name:Pat Dennehy
Height:6 Ft
Occupation:Co-Owner fo Pat Dennehy Signs
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Do I have a choice?!
Aussie Rules Achievements:Starting!
Other Sporting Achievements:Too many to list...I wish!
AFL Club Allegiance:Whoever is top of the league
Other Hobbies:Rugby
Favourite AFL Player:Em...
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Myself
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
I'm told I look like:Brad Pitt
Something people don't know about me:I'm pretty much deaf in one ear so apologies if I don't hear you shouting at me!
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?
The Lion LEAST likely too...:SCORE
The Lion MOST likely too...:NOT HEAR YOU!
Name:Denis Kennelly
Occupation:Project Manager
Joined Lions:2004
Favourite Position:Half Back / Half Forward
Aussie Rules Achievements:2 ARFLI premierships, Represented Ireland in 2005 International Cup
Other Sporting Achievements:2 North Kerry Championships and 4 north kerry Leagues
AFL Club Allegiance:Lions
Other Hobbies:All Sports
Favourite AFL Player:Adam Goodes
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Coomey
I'm told I look like:A blond version of my cousin Tadgh
Something people don't know about me:I have a cousin that plays aussie rules in sydney.
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:"I'm my own bleeding person" - yer man from Boyzone!
Name:Brian Currane
Nicknames:Fingers, Kingo, Rocca
Joined Lions:2000
Favourite Position:Full Forward
Aussie Rules Achievements:Atlantic Alliance Cup 2001, International Cup 2002, 5 Premiership winner medals. Played with Croatia Knights at European cup 2010. Co founder of Leeside Lions 2000 and Clare Crows 2002, Various Club and Arfli executive positions. Irish Warriors Assistant Coach 2008,
Other Sporting Achievements:National Athletic medals.
AFL Club Allegiance:Collingwood
Other Hobbies:Golf
Favourite AFL Player:Buddy Franklin
Favourite Lions Player (ever):John The Bull Hayse
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Never needed to use them
I'm told I look like:Jerry Flannery, oh yea and Plugger Currane
Something people don't know about me:Im a quiet guy.....
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Yes we can
The Lion LEAST likely too...:kick a goal from 5 yards..... Quiggs !!!
The Lion MOST likely too...:Make it in the AFL..... Coomey !!
Name:Greg Kelleher
Born:The shed in my uncle Mark's house
Nicknames:Greggy... coz my name is Greg, and it's like my name
Occupation:What does that mean?
Joined Lions:Last year, 2008 i think, was it?
Favourite Position:Don't worry about that, i can run all day.
Aussie Rules Achievements:i had a trial with Ireland in Mallow, held my own.
Other Sporting Achievements:I once won a rugby match drunk. I always play better when i'm drunk
AFL Club Allegiance:Havanas or Cubins
Other Hobbies:BeerPong
Favourite AFL Player:I dunno, Jason McAteer?
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Eoin Sull, he lets me eat breakfast Rolls. Sound!
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:Um, do you come here often? Hehe, i said come!
I'm told I look like:Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch
Something people don't know about me:I invented a new drink. It's Smirnoff ice, with Cider, and Jager. I called it Greg's drink, because i'm Greg.
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:Go down on the ball! Hehe, that's pure funny. Go down like. Coz it's like about sex like
Name:John Hayes
Born:Da Kingdom
Height:6 Ft
Occupation:a demon public servant
Joined Lions:2001
Favourite Position:halfback
Aussie Rules Achievements:4 premiership & numerous 9-a-side titles
AFL Club Allegiance:brisbane
Favourite Lions Player (ever):The one, the only Diarmuid Griffin
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:If only i had some
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:So be it...
The Lion LEAST likely too...:catch everything in the air
The Lion MOST likely too...:groundhog it all day
Name:Craig Donlon
Nicknames:Bins, Donny
Occupation:Waste Management Techincal Engineering Specialist Manager of Munster
Joined Lions:2010
Favourite Position:Right behind Quigs
Aussie Rules Achievements:AAAAAAAAA
Other Sporting Achievements:U12 Offaly tiddlywinks runner up. watched Seamus Darby push Tommy Doyle in the 1982 All Ireland on video 167 times
AFL Club Allegiance:Lions
Other Hobbies:guitar,cooking,amateur stand up comedian, wine tasting, sheep shearing .......
Favourite Lions Player (ever):Vincent Manning. He's an inspirational guy to be around
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:I'm gonna empty my bin bags on your back door. You have a mop?
I'm told I look like:Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh
Something people don't know about me:I had 6 toes on my left foot when I was born. I cry every time I watch 'Love Actually'
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:is maith an t-anlan an t-ocras
Name:Shaun Gilbert-McGuinness
Born:Back seat of a Nissan Micra
Nicknames:Gilbo, Toolface
Occupation:Blacksmith, Miner
Joined Lions:2011
Favourite Position:Doggy-style.... Boom!!
Aussie Rules Achievements:Specied my 8 year old cousin and put him in hospital. We laughed about it when he got out 6 weeks later.
Other Sporting Achievements:Came 9th in sprint race in my school class of 20.
AFL Club Allegiance:Lions
Other Hobbies:Digging holes, thumb-wrestling
Favourite AFL Player:Dale Thomas... love his hair
Favourite Lions Player (ever):That new tall young fella... Rushy I think. Yum. Boom.
Best Pick up lines I've used to pull:I may be small but look at the size of THIS!! Boom!
I'm told I look like:Gareth... The dopey fella from the English office
Something people don't know about me:I was raised by a Lesbian couple and born with a tail.
Favourite Motto / Saying / Quote:We're the same height lying down BABY!!! Boom


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